Digital Distribution

Please explain the difference between a product, a release and an album?

Digital Distribution

A Product is a single or album that is being prepared for release or is already released. A ...

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How is the album artist determined for an album?

Digital Distribution

The artist name for an album by the artists you enter in the track details. If the album has more ...

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Can I upload cover songs?

Digital Distribution

Yes you can. Read our blog post for more details here.

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Can I upload Compilations and Compilation Albums?

Digital Distribution

Yes you can upload compilation albums. You can do so for one artist or a collection of ...

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When are royalties usually posted?

Digital Distribution

Royalties are typically updated 2 months after the end of ...

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How can I add song credits?

Digital Distribution

Credits can be added on the Track Details page where you can choose the role and add the name ...

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Do you provide options for labels?

Digital Distribution

We offer custom plans for labels. Visit here to inquire.

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Can I add previously uploaded music to new stores you recently added?

Digital Distribution

Yes, either manually or it will be done for you (automated), based on which option you selected as ...

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Do you have options for transferring a catalog to Traxfly?

Digital Distribution

Absolutely - please open a private support ticket and we will guide you through the process.

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