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It is best to have a look at our FAQ or use the search. Often there is already a solution to your problem. That saves you waiting time. If there is no solution to your problem or you still have questions, we are always at your disposal!

This decision is up to you, on the right-hand side in the settings you can set whether your ticket is public or private.
If you have to share sensitive data with us, it is advisable to set the ticket to private.

Yes you can upload compilation albums.

You can do so for one artist or a collection of artists.

When you enter the track details selected them from your previously uploaded tracks and be sure to use the same ISCR code. This will automatically retain and transfer the previous stream totals.

If you haven’t uploaded the tracks previously simply enter the track details as usual. If the system finds the track already in the system you will receive an alert.

Yes you can. Read our blog post for more details here.

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